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Ensuring that you have your personal planning in order is a gift you give to those that are left behind if you become incapacitated or die. Barbara J. Burns, M.A., Notary Public in Campbell River, BC, will help guide you through this important process.

Our Mission

Barbara J. Burns, Notary Public, provides exceptional, personalized, and highly professional notarial services to the people of Oceanside. I have built my reputation on integrity and honesty. This translates to the trust people give me to guide and advise them in my practice areas and to refer them to trustworthy practitioners who can assist them with practice areas I do not specialize in. My priority is to satisfy your legal needs and provide you with the best services available.

Personalized and Professional Assistance

I provide efficient and personalized services in areas of non-contentious law to help clients sort out their affairs. I can customize services to meet your specific needs. I am ready to help you make sense of many different matters that may arise in a manner that is understandable to you.

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Barbara J. Burns provides exceptional, personalized, and professional notarial services.

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I will help you formalize and complete every agreement and deal you make. With my education and training, I am confident that I can be of assistance. To learn more about my services, call
(250) 286-3636. I look forward to your call.